Example of a cosmetic subject to new FDA MoCRA requirements.

From 1 Product to 1,000+ Products, We Can Help

Whether you are just starting out and submitting your first product to the U.S. or a well-established global brand with thousands of product listings, our experienced regulatory specialists make the entire process easier to maintain FDA compliance.

FDA announced that the process to list a cosmetic product would be similar to listing a drug, using the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) format. They submitted several guidance documents to help companies navigate the format within the Cosmetics Direct portal. At Registrar Corp, we are well-versed with submitting product listings for cosmetics and have already assisted hundreds of cosmetic companies register their facilities and submit product listings to FDA.

There's more to us than just submitting FDA cosmetic product listings.

With more than 30,000 clients served each year, Registrar Corp’s dedicated team of cosmetic regulatory specialists assist with a wide range of FDA cosmetic regulations following the passage of MoCRA. 

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