How We Help

Registrar Corp is more than just a provider — we partner with the companies we serve, making sure they have everything they need to get and stay compliant.

Our services are designed to make regulatory compliance a quick and easy process, safeguard our client’s companies, and keep consumers safe.

Global Offices

With 20 global offices, Registrar Corp is equipped to support importer and exporter compliance needs in both U.S. and international markets.


FDA Registration

Promote consumer safety and protect your import/export brand by registering with FDA. Our registration services support all major FDA-regulated industries, from food and beverage to biologics and cosmetics. Work with Registrar Corp to submit and renew your FDA Registration. 


Detention Assistance

Has your product shipment been detained at port of entry? Registrar Corp’s expert team can help you determine the cause of detention and identify a plan of action to get your products through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 


Food Safety Services

Our expert team of food safety professionals is committed to helping you attain and maintain food safety compliance. We work with food and beverage facilities to develop Food Safety Plans, prepare for FDA inspections, and more. 

Import Alerts and DWPE

Better manage your compliance status with FDA and avoid shipment detention.

Our services include shipment detention analysis, import alert petition support, and ongoing compliance monitoring through our proprietary FDA compliance platform.

Help With Import Alerts

Label and Ingredients Review

Meeting FDA requirements is a crucial step to entering the U.S. market—and not just for labels. Anything used to market your product, from packaging to your website, needs to meet regulations.

Partner with our professional team to assure your compliance across all product assets and prevent costly supply chain disruptions.

Explore Label and Ingredient Review


TTB Tax Benefit Assignments

Simplify tax benefits for your U.S. importers. Registrar Corp can help you register your business with the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), navigate their new online portal, and meet importer requests for federal tax benefit assignments.


Prior Notice Help

File Prior Notice with U.S. FDA for your food, beverage, and dietary supplements shipments. Our Prior Notice support helps make the filing process easy and reduce potential errors.


Radiation Emitting Device Compliance

Registrar Corp can help you prepare to distribute your electronic radiation emitting device (RED) to the U.S. market. We offer compliance services including FDA Registration, U.S. Agent designation, and Product Reports.


Food Canning Establishment Services

Let Registrar Corp help you determine if your food products are subject to Food Canning Establishment (FCE) requirements. Our team of specialists can assist with FCE registration, SID submissions, and more.

GACC Services

Registrar Corp doesn’t just help you register and comply with U.S. regulatory agencies. We can also help you properly submit your food facility’s registration to China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC).

Quick and easy compliance with Registrar Corp

Our range of regulatory compliance services is designed to give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on entering U.S. and international markets.

Are you ready for better compliance?

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