U.S. Food Importers Can Now Meet Tough FSVP Compliance Requirements with ComplyHub

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51% of FDA inspections resulted in FSVP non-compliance. AI-powered ComplyHub meets urgent need.

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HAMPTON, Va., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Registrar Corp, the world’s largest FDA compliance company with over 30,000 clients, today launched ComplyHub. The powerful software enables U.S.-based food and beverage importers subject to the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) become and stay compliant 24/7. Last year, 51% of FDA’s FSVP inspections showed U.S. importers were not in compliance. Non-compliance can result in supply chain disruption and FDA-imposed enforcement action, civil penalties, and criminal prosecution.

The ComplyHub platform combines hundreds of millions of foreign-supplier shipping records with advanced AI-driven algorithms to automate the entire monitoring and document management process. ComplyHub enables food manufacturers, importers, and retailers to stay FDA compliant 24/7 and avoid supply chain disruptions.

“ComplyHub software enables us to quickly and effectively evaluate current and potential suppliers,” said Stephanie Billings, ComplyHub Customer and Regulatory Compliance Manager at TJX Companies. “The Registrar Corp team has been an invaluable resource for all our FDA-related inquiries.”

ComplyHub empowers U.S. importers to:

  • Monitor Suppliers – ComplyHub actively monitors the importer’s supplier base and provides alerts and risk scores. With over 100 million shipping records on hundreds of thousands of foreign suppliers, only ComplyHub can provide a comprehensive view of supplier compliance.
  • Manage Documents – FDA’s extensive requirements of foreign supplier documentation can be easily managed with ComplyHub. Pre-loaded document templates, document management functionality, and automated deadline reminders give importers the necessary tools to comply with FDA requirements.
  • Find Qualified Suppliers – ComplyHub also enables U.S. importers to expand their product lines by finding qualified suppliers. ComplyHub has 150,000+ active suppliers offering over 790,000 food products.
  • Boost Purchase Power – ComplyHub’s proprietary data enables importers to analyze their supplier’s shipment-level market share for better terms.

“Our mission is to keep consumers safe and healthy by helping FDA-regulated companies meet compliance requirements,” said Raj Shah, CEO of Registrar Corp. “Over the past decade, imported foods have become a much bigger part of the American diet. We are excited that ComplyHub will provide U.S. food importers a powerful new tool to manage their suppliers and keep our food safe.”

ComplyHub is complemented by Registrar Corp’s comprehensive FSVP services for U.S. importers including:

  • Online training for FSVP, PCQI, and more 
  • FSVP review, development, and implementation
  • Consultation and support from our expert food safety professionals

With ComplyHub, FSVP professional services, and online training, U.S. importers can focus on growing their business while staying FDA-compliant.

About Registrar Corp 

Registrar Corp’s mission is to keep consumers safe and healthy by helping food, beverage, cosmetics, medical devices, and drug companies meet compliance requirements. We are the world’s largest compliance company with over 30,000 clients in more than 180 countries. Headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, our dedicated team in 20 offices worldwide makes compliance quick and easy.

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