Registrar Corp Introduces New Marketplace to Provide Compliance Transparency in Supplier Sourcing

Leading U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance firm Registrar Corp introduces Marketplace, a digital platform that seamlessly connects importers and suppliers of FDA regulated products. Marketplace is an addition to Registrar Corp’s suite of compliance solutions.

Marketplace can be used independently or as a convenient add-on to Registrar Corp’s FDA Compliance Monitor. Users can now complete the supplier sourcing process in the same secure location that they monitor supplier compliance and manage documentation, making the Monitor an all-in-one system for supplier management.

Integrated Supplier Sourcing

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) rule requires importers to only purchase from suppliers that they have approved based on the suppliers’ compliance with U.S. FDA food safety requirements.

With new suppliers popping up every day, finding a supplier with a solid history of compliance has been nearly impossible to assure. Marketplace’s vast history of compliance data enables importers to easily identify compliant suppliers who have a proven record of successfully shipping compliant products to the U.S.

Marketplace Key Features

  • Combining sourcing and compliance – Marketplace allows importers to quickly evaluate potential suppliers using their full FDA compliance profile. You can view 100% of shipments of any product from any supplier to the United States in the last five years. Importers can save time and money by completing a compliance evaluation on one platform.
  • History, Frequency, and Recency – Marketplace assures you are buying from suppliers with a history of FDA compliance. It also provides information on recency and frequency of data to assure no disruptions in your supply.
  • Robust data -The system uses historic shipment data to provide a comprehensive supplier database with more than 850,000 products. The data is rich with the quantity of products a company has shipped, the recency of those shipments, and the supplier’s RegiScores. Enhanced sorting and filtering functions make it easy to find the data you need.

The FDA Compliance Monitor

Registrar Corp’s FDA Compliance Monitor is a multifaceted tool that allows importers to stay up-to-date on their suppliers’ compliance statuses, including Recalls, Inspection results, Warning Letters, Import Alerts, and more.

Registrar Corp is continuously updating the Monitor to include features that enhance user experience. In February 2020, Registrar Corp elevated the Monitor with RegiScore, a patent-pending technology that uses predictive analytics to generate a numerical value representing supplier risk. RegiScore allows importers to get a snapshot of potential suppliers’ compliance so they can make timely, informed purchasing decisions.

In October 2020, Registrar Corp further upgraded the Monitor with the Document Management System (DMS), a secure, cloud storage solution that allows importers to request, retrieve, and store crucial compliance documents from their suppliers.

With the addition of Marketplace, importers can now source suppliers from the same platform their compliance team uses to help implement their FSVPs. From there, they can assess supplier risk, monitor compliance, and manage documentation – all from one secure platform.

To learn more about the FDA Compliance Monitor and Marketplace, contact Registrar Corp by phone: (757) 224-0177, by email:, or schedule a free demo to see the software in action.

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