Worldwide Import Alerts

The following products are on FDA Import Alert and are subject to Detention Without Physical Examination (DWPE) unless the exporter is on a Green List. In order to be added to a Green List, a company must petition FDA and provide strong evidence that the company has preventive controls in place or has taken corrective actions to eliminate the violation. FDA will require proof of five or more cleared, non-violative shipments of the product on the Import Alert.

  • All Dried Shark Fins and Dried Fish Maws
  • Uneviscerated or partically eviscerated fish that are salt-cured, dried, smoked, pickled, fermented, or brined
  • Refrigerated (not frozen) raw fish and fishery products that are vacuum packaged, or modified-atmosphere packaged, or packaged in a material that is not oxygen-permeable
  • Tamarind products (fresh and/or preserved)
  • Ackees
  • Silver coated almonds
  • Dial Soap
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol Foam Particles (PVA Foam)
  • Sygen Injectible (Bovine-Extracted GMI Monosialoganglioside)
  • Eagle Brand Medicated Oil
  • Specific animal drugs (Healon Injection or Hylartin V; Arteparon; Clenbuterol; Domosedan; Circulon)
  • Eye area cosmetics containing Kohl, Kahal, or Surma
  • Genetically Engineered (GE) Salmon
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