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Fabiola Negron

Director of Food Safety

3 Ways Export Compliance Software Gets Product to Market

Aug 18, 2023

When it comes to the high-stakes and fast-paced nature of exporting to the U.S., any tool that can streamline processes, automate compliance tasks, and assure you have the most up-to-date data available, is an advantage one cannot easily ignore. 

Especially when it comes to keeping products compliant with U.S. FDA and not detained upon entry.  

There are many options out there, but the best export tech supports your business with cloud-based software. Here are three excellent examples of how it can benefit your bottom line:

1. It Improves Your Overall FDA Compliance

Export compliance software helps deepen the view of your entire supply chain and your own compliance health. It allows global trade professionals to track and improve export compliance and build better relationships with suppliers and importers connected to their individual link in the supply chain, often on one, comprehensive platform. 

Getting the Grade 

The more comprehensive cloud-based software can aggregate data from government databases regarding your export compliance history and grade your business based on your company’s past audits, inspections, Warning Letters, Import Alerts, refusals, and recalls. 

Deepen Your View 

With the power of cloud-based data aggregation, you can even uncover potentially hidden details about the health of your export operations and your current and prospective buyers.  

With export compliance software, you can easily build a more visible and resilient supply chain. 

2. Export Tech Aggregates & Tracks Shipment Data

When you acquire software solutions for trade compliance, your team can better help keep your shipments in FDA’s good graces. You can quickly and easily track Import Alerts, refusals, Warning Letters, detentions, and more. 

Monitoring Your Export Compliance 

Export tech can help keep track of your facilities’ FDA compliance history and give you direct access to data that most importers receive first. It lets you monitor your facility with real-time updates about your company’s standing with FDA and the products you ship. 

A Simpler, Smarter Document Management System 

Export compliance software can also give you automated recommendations for critical compliance documents and assure you file everything in a simple system that can be accessed when and where needed.  

This includes sharing files directly from the document management system, interapp management of document requests, and related tasks.

3. Compliance Software Can Promote Your Entire Product Library

When it comes to expanding your network and adding new links to your supply chain, cloud-based export tech can help showcase compliance details for each of your products to interested parties. For both the products you’ve shipped to the United States and the products you want to ship in the future, but haven’t yet.  

Joining A Digital Marketplace 

With the right cloud-based tools, you can showcase yourself as a compliant supplier, generate new business, and introduce new goods to the U.S. market. 

When you employ export compliance software, you can stand out from other suppliers with easy to use tech designed to get your products noticed. 

Registrar Corp’s All-In-One Export Compliance Software 

ComplyHub™ is Registrar Corp’s industry-leading software solution for FDA compliance. It empowers exporters to track compliance by aggregating government compliance data and features all the amazing benefits we’ve talked about in this article.  

Discover how ComplyHub’s Exporter Marketplace helps you grow your business. 




Fabiola Negron

Director of Food Safety

Widely respected in the Food Safety industry, Fabiola provides insightful education to food and beverage companies worldwide on U.S. FDA regulations resulting from the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011. Her expertise in creating and reviewing Food Safety plans, helping U.S. importers comply with Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) regulations, and leading our Food Safety team have helped hundreds of companies comply with FDA food and beverage requirements.

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